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Stromlo Swimming Carnival 2014! Friday 21st Feb (Week 3, Term 1)

The 2014 Stromlo High School Swimming Carnival is being held at Phillip Pool on Friday 21st February. History shows that the Stromlo Swimming Carnival is up there as one of the most enjoyable school days on the Calender and 2014 is set to be no different!!!

Permission Notes, Medical Forms and other information has been given to students in TEAM and it can also be found on the school calendar. All permission notes and medical forms are required to be filled out completely and returned to your child’s TEAM teacher. The cost for entry is paid directly to the pool on the morning of the carnival.

There are canteen facilities available on the day along with all the races, novelties and free time swimming a child could hope for!

All students attending on the day will complete the Swimming Proficiency Test first thing in the morning to ensure all swimmers can enjoy the day safely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our friendly PE staff!!!

Swimming Carnival 2013

On Friday the 15th of February Stromlo High School students participated in their annual swimming carnival. This year the carnival was held at the Phillip Ice Skating and Aquatics centre. The weather was pleasant and sunny. Students were in the spirit of enjoyment for all carnival events. The day started with all students being swim tested as per the new Department of Education guidelines for aquatics activities. All student s were very cooperative with the testing process, seeing testing completed by 10.00 am.

While regular swimming events were in progress, Mr Webbie ran novelty events in the small pool such as …… Students and staff were kept in a party mood throughout the day by Mr Bissell’s and Mr Farrell’s music selections and witty commentaries of activities. Participation levels by students in all events were high, with two to three heats in each age group; with subsequent credible times for the Southside Swimming Carnival qualifications.

Recognition for the smooth running of events has to go to Ms Peachey’s marshalling & starting team and Ms Johnson’s timekeeping and judging team, the coordination of these two area’s was paramount to the successful running of events. However it must be noted that the constant acquisitions of food and beverages by Ms Cusick kept all members of staff refresh to better perform their duties.

Students were given free time to swim during lunchtime and at the completion of the relays. It was heartening to see the level of commitment by house captains and vice captains in helping staff and encouraging their respective house members to get involved in carnival events. Particular mention has to go to the Taylor captain’s flash dance moves in the dance or dunk competition.

The house competition was fierce, exhibited in the ecstatic performances of students in the relay events. At times houses stacked every lane in a heat. The winning house group was Coleman followed by Oakey, Reef and lastly but certainly not least Taylor. The house spirit generated by all students and staff was electric and reinforces the value of house competitions for fostering goodwill with new students to Stromlo High and giving more mature student’s significance with leadership and role model responsibilities.

There was some controversy in the teacher relays with the Taylor team lead by Mr Danaher being disqualified for jumping the start and mistimed changeovers. The feedback from students and staff of the swimming carnival indicated that this was a successful whole school event. It cannot be under stated the value of such events for whole school morale.

Here are the age champs:

  • 12 Years Male – Samuel Miller
  • 12 Years Female – Catriona Emanuel
  • 13 Years Female – Vivien Clark and Grace Mcmurtrie
  • 14 Years Male – Riley Budd
  • 14 Years Female – Stephanie Charlton
  • 15 Years Male – Liam Sproule
  • 15 Years Female – Emma Miller
  • 16 Years Female – Samantha Young

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