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SRC Report

This year the Stromlo SRC has been busy arranging lots of fundraisers for the school. Our main goal for this year has been school bubblers, but we have also managed to save for two new bins for out the front of the school.

Early last term, the student representative councils from Stromlo, Telopea, Melrose and Alfred Deakin all met up for a three day camp at Long Beach. There we came up with the idea for this year’s School Networking day, “You R U Day”. It was awesome meeting all the other people from the different schools. “You R U Day” will be held in Week 9 of this term and all the schools are currently busy getting everything ready for it. From the looks of things, it should be a great day and we’re all looking forward to it.

Some other SRC initiatives that have happened during the year include the disco which was held last term, selling lolly bags to raise money for the bubblers and some free uniform days. Daffodil Day is currently under way. We’ve been selling daffodils to raise money for the Cancer Council for all of this week.

Some up coming events to look forward to are RSPCA Cupcake day, the 40 hour famine (remember to sign up online to win house points as well) and of course You R U day!

That’s all for now,

The Stromlo SRC

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