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Empower U Seminar in December – 2 scholarships available


Brent Williams is delivering his second Empower U seminar in the ACT this December. This seminar will begin on Friday evening 4th December and conclude on Monday evening 7th December.

Over the past two years the South Weston High School Network and Mount Stromlo High School have been working with Brent Williams, co-founder of Tomorrows Youth International.

Tomorrows Youth International has been at the forefront of running world-class seminars and programs for young people for over a decade, teaching them how to take control of their lives and achieve a new sense of self-worth, direction and empowerment. Their programs have been delivered in 6 countries to over 23 000 teenagers.

Skills developed during this seminar will include:
-making smart and informed decisions
-developing greater self-esteem
-taking responsibility for their life
-developing clearly defined goals

Anyone interested in this experience can collect a brochure and permission note from me in Student Services. There are also 2 scholarships available to students from our school so also come and talk to me about these if you are interested.

Miss Bolton – 9/10 SLC Student Services and Pastoral Care

40 Hour Famine 2015 – We reached our goal!


The 40 Hour Famine took place on the weekend (14th-16th August). Our goal as a school was to raise $7000 and I am pleased to say our page ( currently has $7386.75 ‘given’ and we are still receiving donations.

Student Representative Council members from all four South Weston Network High Schools (Alfred Deakin, Melrose, Telopea and Mount Stromlo) joined forces to run the 40 Hour Famine in each school and our network goal was to raise $25000. Over the next couple of weeks we will share our success with the other network high schools and find out how they went.

Thankyou to all staff and students who participated and to those who sponsored us.

South Weston Network Planning Day – Running a 40 Hour Famine

Planning Day - Photo 3

“Approximately 1 in 7 people in the world is living in poverty” – This is one example of the statistics Alfred Deakin, Mount Stromlo, Melrose, and Telopea SRC students learnt about world poverty during the South Weston Network Planning Day.

The Day took place on the 26th of June at Mount Stromlo High School and focused on the 40 Hour Famine and World Vision. The purpose of the day was to inspire high school students to make a difference in the world and our community, “We were made aware of the things that World Vision do and the 40 Hour Famine and the whole process of it” said a Melrose High student.

In a session facilitated by Jeeven from World Vision the students watched two different videos which followed the story of two young girls aged 9 and 12, both living in poverty. In one of the videos, World Vision had helped one of the communities, while in the other; World Vision had not yet worked in that community. By watching these two videos the students were able to see the impact and difference World Vision can have and what money we fundraise might be able to achieve.

In the afternoon students discussed plans to facilitate the 40 Hour Famine in each network high school and began work on marketing materials. The 40 Hour Famine will run in week 4 of next term (14-16 August). Each school will run their own 40 Hour Famine, but resources will be shared and total funds will be combined. As a network we are aiming to reach $25 000.

Further information will be coming out soon on how to be involved in this year’s 40 Hour Famine.

Planning Day - Photo 1  Planning Day - Photo 2

Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards

Awards 2013

On Friday 15th November the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards were held at the Rex Hotel in Canberra. Stromlo High School students were the proud recipients of two of the eight awards presented by Minister Joy Burch:
– The South Weston High Schools Network (made up of SRC students from Alfred Deakin, Melrose, Stromlo and Telopea) won the Group Award for their You R U Campaign. This project involved the four schools working together to run a series of activities that celebrated individuality and acceptance.
– Simone Bartram won an individual award for her fundraising efforts for Pegasus.
Liam McMurtire, Lauren Quilter, Simone Bartram and Kate Bolton attended the event and proudly accepted awards on behalf of Stromlo High School.

School Disco

The Stromlo High School SRC is holding a School Disco on Wednesday 13th November (Week 5, Term 4) for all students to attend. The disco will run from 6:00pm until 9:00pm and will be supervised by staff and a security guard will also be present throughout the night.


Entry to the disco is only $5 and all money raised from the disco will go towards some exciting new projects around the school next year. The SRC is also running a Canteen during the night and will be selling soft drinks, plenty of chocolate, lots of lollies and other tasty (and nutritious) snacks.


We are encouraging all students to attend the disco to support the school, have a good time with their friends and farewell Year 10 in a safe and friendly environment! Students who wish to come to the Disco need to ensure they collect a permission note from their TEAM Teacher, the Front Office or Student Services.

You R U Day – Friday 20th September

Representatives from each of the four network high schools holding the You R U logo designed in their school colours.

Representatives from each of the four network high schools holding the You R U logo designed in their school colours.

The South Weston High School’s Network Student Leadership Councils (or SRCs) has a history of being involved in high impact student action initiatives that aim to make a difference in our schools and local community.  In 2011 the network worked together to coordinate Cyber Safety Week, a week focused on students taking action to ensure a safe environment for all IT users. Last year Melrose, Telopea and Stromlo High Schools worked together to coordinate RED Day, a highly promoted and successful campaign to promote Respect Equity and Diversity in our school communities.  These successful student leadership action initiatives were the first of their kind in the ACT region and have received recognition through the ACT Children’s Week Awards, and the Youth InterACT Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards.

This year Alfred Deakin High School, Melrose High SchoolYou R U Day 2, Stromlo High School and Telopea Park School have worked together again, to create the You R U campaign.  This campaign spreads the message that we are all individuals, to be respected and celebrated for who we are. 

On Friday 20th September (after our original day was rescheduled due to rain) 400 students from the network schools gathered at Telopea Park School oval to celebrate individuality.  Each school prepared a series of activities to help promote our message, and encourage students from different schools to mingle and get to know each other.  Students were given the opportunity to write a positive message for the affirmation wall, view some original artwork and vote for their favourite, have a BBQ lunch and participate in some cross-school house races and novelty events. The day was a huge success (despite the weather not being fantastic) and a brief story was aired on WIN news and featured in the Chronicle.

Thank you to all staff and students who were involved.

SRC Report

This year the Stromlo SRC has been busy arranging lots of fundraisers for the school. Our main goal for this year has been school bubblers, but we have also managed to save for two new bins for out the front of the school.

Early last term, the student representative councils from Stromlo, Telopea, Melrose and Alfred Deakin all met up for a three day camp at Long Beach. There we came up with the idea for this year’s School Networking day, “You R U Day”. It was awesome meeting all the other people from the different schools. “You R U Day” will be held in Week 9 of this term and all the schools are currently busy getting everything ready for it. From the looks of things, it should be a great day and we’re all looking forward to it.

Some other SRC initiatives that have happened during the year include the disco which was held last term, selling lolly bags to raise money for the bubblers and some free uniform days. Daffodil Day is currently under way. We’ve been selling daffodils to raise money for the Cancer Council for all of this week.

Some up coming events to look forward to are RSPCA Cupcake day, the 40 hour famine (remember to sign up online to win house points as well) and of course You R U day!

That’s all for now,

The Stromlo SRC

You R U Day

The South Weston High Schools Network Student Led Initiative this year is – You R U Day.  Like RED Day last year, the ideas and planning have been developed by leadership students within our high schools (Alfred Deakin, Melrose, Stromlo and Telopea).  The day’s theme is about students celebrating who they are and the individual qualities that make them their own person.  The day is about acceptance of everyone, rather than labelling people.  As part of the day there will be an art show where student work will be displayed, a wall to write and hang positive affirmations on, the launch of a You R U song, a BBQ and sporting activities.

Like last year there will be approximately 400 students in attendance.  Invited students will receive an invitation during week 6. 

What: You R U Day 

When: Monday 16th September 10:15am – 2pm

Where: Phillip Oval

Any questions about the event, speak to Miss Bolton (Pastoral Care Coordinator).

World Vision Global Leadership Convention

Andrew Macmillan, Max Jasinski and Ruby Whalan attending the World Vision Global Leadership Convention on Tuesday 28th May (Week 5, Term 2) to learn about the issues in Malawi and also about poverty and hunger around the world. The students participated in several activities, which increased their understanding of the work that World Vision does and how our school can work together to stop children around the world from going hungry. Andrew, Max and Ruby were equipped with all the skills need to lead the 40 Hour Famine here at Stromlo High School next term. Great work!

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