Schoology @ Mt Stromlo High School

Schoology, our schools digital learning management system, is an important part of Mount Stromlo High School. It is used within our classrooms as a place of learning, providing a platform for developing engaging and dynamic content that reflects the Australian Curriculum.image00

Each year level has its own specific group and provides a place for staff and students to share information that is relevant to a specific year level. For example notices relating to work experience and college transitions would be posted as an update on the Year 10 page.


Our school library has its own page on Schoology that is accessible to students and staff. This is a great resource for students. It provides information on newly available books and includes resources that are important for their class and assessment work. A valuable section of the Library page includes resources on how to write a bibliography and the Writing Framework. The Writing Framework was developed by staff at Mount Stromlo High School includes a variety of templates they can use when completing their assessments. For example if they have to write a scientific report, there is a template available that they can refer to.


image01Schoology is also used as a way engaging with the wider school community. All the parents, staff and students have access to a page called the Mount Stromlo Community Page. Staff and students are able to share upcoming events, what has been happening in their classroom and the achievements of our students from competitions such as school sport and academic competitions.


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