World Education Games – Mount Stromlo Results

During week 1, term 4, students from Mount Stromlo were invited to participate in the World Education Games (WEG). Over 8 000 000 students from over 30 000 schools and 200 countries competed. Once logged into the WEG website, you were able to then choose to participate in Maths, Spelling or Science competitions. Only the first 20 games at the various levels counted towards your score for each competition. The points were then tallied to produce a World Education Games score.

The results are in and the students of Mount Stromlo have excelled again!

As a school, in the overall category, we finished first in Australia for years 8, 9 and 10 and second for Year 7. Our world rankings as a school were Year 7 – 24th, Year 8 – 31st, Year 9 & 10 combined – 20th.

In Year 7 we finished 3rd in Australia for Spelling and 5th for Science.

In Year 8 we finished 3rd in Australia for Spelling and 8th for Science.

In Years 9 and 10, we finished 1st in Australia for Spelling, Maths and Science.

As a participant in the competition you could see how you ranked against other students within your school, Australia and the World.

Timothy Cooper (7) had an outstanding competition and finished 80th overall in the world and 4th in Australia for Year 7 students. He also finished 5th in Australia for Spelling.

Aedan Jaeson (7) finished just outside the world’s top 100 and finished 84th in the World for Spelling and the 7th in Australia for Year 7.

Timothy Lofts (7) finished 85th in the World for spelling and 8th in Australia for Spelling in Year 7.


In Year 7, the top 10 places overall within the school were: Timothy Cooper, Aedan Jaeson, Harry Wardale, Timothy Lofts, Harry McGinnes, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Whitbread, Anthony Alabaster, Isla Ward and Gabriel San Augustin.


In Year 8, the finishers overall within the school were: Kaitlyn Senturias, Michael McAlister, Joel Foyster, Isabella Heal and Shane Lee.


In Years 9 & 10, the top 20 overall with the school were: Kiera Joyce (9), Wilbur Nelson (9), Jenna Perkins (9), Flynn Attard (9), Neve Foxcroft (9), Alex McDonald (9), Lauren Sealey (10), Catriona Emanuel (9), Matilda Wardale (9), Emily Neuendorf (10), Maya Ward (10), Jessica Sandberg (10), Laura Skinner (10), Riley Rawiri (9), Eva Zhang (10), Rachel Gallagher (10) and Ana Davidovic (10).

These are awesome results and we should feel proud as a school in obtaining them.

Congratulations to all those students that participated.

Please note that the results are still be formalised.  However, we do not believe the above results will be adjusted.

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