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Congratulations Isabella Meere

I was lucky enough to see Isabella Meere dance with her Hip Hop Crew DCV at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds Hip Hop Competition Canberra on the weekend.  Isabella was amazing.  She is a fierce competitor and a great talent.  Isabella’s dedication and extremely hard work helped her crew win the Varsity division of this competition.  Well done Bella – a star in the making.

Mrs Paten

40 Hour Famine 2015

40 hour
Student Representative Council members from all four South Weston Network High Schools (Alfred Deakin, Melrose, Telopea and Mount Stromlo) have joined forces to run the 40 Hour Famine in each school next month.
We are inviting students, families and teachers to participate. The details outlining how to get involved are below:

What do I need to do? Get sponsorship to give up something for 40 hours (e.g. food, technology, your bed, television, gaming)

When is the 40 Hour Famine? 14-16 August (Friday-Sunday week 4)

Why are we doing this? As a network our goal is to raise $25000 and as a school our goal is to raise $7000. World Vision will use the money to provide support systems within communities, to over time help them build their own sustainable future.

How do I get involved?
1. Visit the page for our school
2. Click: Join the team
3. Create your profile
4. Collect sponsorship
5. Do the 40 Hour Famine!

The Empower U Program

Over the past two years the South Weston High School Network has been working with Brent Williams, co-founder of Tomorrows Youth International.

Tomorrows Youth International has been at the forefront of running world-class seminars and programs for young people for over a decade, teaching them how to take control of their lives and achieve a new sense of self-worth, direction and empowerment. Their programs have been delivered in 6 countries to over 23 000 teenagers.

Brent Williams is bringing one of his 2 day Empower U seminars to Canberra in August.

Skills developed during this seminar will include:
-making smart and informed decisions
-developing greater self-esteem
-taking responsibility for their life
-developing clearly defined goals

This is the first time that Brent is running his seminar in Canberra (he is Sydney based). Anyone interested in this experience can collect a brochure and permission note from Miss Bolton in Student Services.

While Brent is in Canberra running this seminar he has offered to run one of his parent presentations at no cost. Brent is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and I have no doubt that parents will find his session informative, practical and entertaining.

If you would like to attend the seminar on Tuesday 25th August (6:15-8:45pm) at Telopea Park School, please register your interest at:

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