South Weston Network Planning Day – Running a 40 Hour Famine

Planning Day - Photo 3

“Approximately 1 in 7 people in the world is living in poverty” – This is one example of the statistics Alfred Deakin, Mount Stromlo, Melrose, and Telopea SRC students learnt about world poverty during the South Weston Network Planning Day.

The Day took place on the 26th of June at Mount Stromlo High School and focused on the 40 Hour Famine and World Vision. The purpose of the day was to inspire high school students to make a difference in the world and our community, “We were made aware of the things that World Vision do and the 40 Hour Famine and the whole process of it” said a Melrose High student.

In a session facilitated by Jeeven from World Vision the students watched two different videos which followed the story of two young girls aged 9 and 12, both living in poverty. In one of the videos, World Vision had helped one of the communities, while in the other; World Vision had not yet worked in that community. By watching these two videos the students were able to see the impact and difference World Vision can have and what money we fundraise might be able to achieve.

In the afternoon students discussed plans to facilitate the 40 Hour Famine in each network high school and began work on marketing materials. The 40 Hour Famine will run in week 4 of next term (14-16 August). Each school will run their own 40 Hour Famine, but resources will be shared and total funds will be combined. As a network we are aiming to reach $25 000.

Further information will be coming out soon on how to be involved in this year’s 40 Hour Famine.

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