Indonesia Day at the ANU


17 students of Indonesian in year 7 and 8 joined other students of Indonesian from across Canberra for a day of Indonesian activities at the ANU this Wednesday, 17 September.


Students were split into groups named after Indonesian animals, with Mount Stromlo students split between “monyet” (monkey) and “Garuda” (a mystical eagle).


The Garuda group experienced traditional Indonesian dress, having the opportunity to try on traditional costumes from across the archipelago and taking part in a fashion show. They moved on to bargaining – “tawar-menawar” – where their superior Indonesian skills allowed them to buy Indonesian chocolates at bargain prices.


The monyet group started off with traditional Indonesian dance before trying their hand at the famous Indonesian instrument, the angklung.


At lunch Mount Stromlo was represented in the “eggplant race” by year 7’s Troy Smith, the quiz draw was won by Yarno Rohling, year 8 and the “krupuk” eating competition won by Jarrah Westende, year 7.


Thank you to the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association for organising this great day and Ms Edwards for organising to taker her classes!

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