Dance Festival 2014

Congratulations to all students who participated in Dance Festival 2014.  The girls performed a piece titled “Murder on the Dance Floor’ to link in with the overall theme of ‘Stories’.

The Year 10 Dance class worked extremely hard during semester 1 to create the piece and auditions were held at the end of term 2.  The standard this year was extremely high and we ended up with a total of 40 dancers who committed to practicing at lunchtimes and after school every week to learn the Dance.

On Wednesday 17th September all this hard work paid off as the students got to entertain an almost full house at the Canberra Theatre.  It has been a pleasure to work with this group of students who have been extremely dedicated and motivated throughout the rehearsal and performance process.  My thanks also goes out to our parents who purchase costumes, pick up and drop off students from rehearsals and just generally support the Arts and their child’s participation in such a worthwhile event – we couldn’t do it without you!

For any friends, parents or staff who missed last nights entertainment, the girls will be performing again at StromFest 2014 on 29th and 30th October at the Canberra College Theatre.  Tickets will be on sale in the front office in term 4.

Congratulations once again to all involved


Jo Power

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