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World Vision 40 Hour Famine

The World Vision 40 Hour Famine is being run on Friday 15th August – Sunday 17th September (Week 4, Term 3). Students are encouraged to participate in the 40 Hour Famine and raise money for World Vision projects in Rwanda. There have been lots of suggestions of things that students can give up for the 40 Hour Famine besides food and some of the best suggestions were: no Facebook, no mobile phone use, no talking or no X-Box for 40 hours!

Students are encouraged to participate in the 40 Hour Famine as part of a House Competition at school. All students who participate in the 40 Hour Famine will get House points and senior students can also get Grad points. The House that raises the most money will get an excellent prize, which is still being organised by the School Captains! There will also be a Pizza Lunch (being held in conjunction with Domino’s Weston Creek) which is being held on the eve of the Famine.

If students are interested in participating in the challenge, they need to get an sign-up sheet from the Front Office or speak to the School Captains: Kern Ford, Zoe Larsen-Cumming, Oscar Arcos-Holzinger and Kate Fleming. Last year, Mount Stromlo High School raised more money than any other school in South Canberra and we are hoping to raise even more money this year! Help us to meet our fundraising target of $6000! Remember that $40 can feed a family of six for a month!

World Vision 40 Hour Famine Pizza Lunch

Mount Stromlo High School, supported by Domino’s Weston Creek is holding a special pizza lunch to fundraise for the World Vision 40 Hour Famine, on Friday 15th August (Week 4). Each Domino’s pizza is cut into quarters and each quarter will cost $3. All of the profits from this fundraiser will be donated to World Vision, to help stop childhood hunger and poverty in Rwanda.

If your child is interested in participating, they will need to fill in the order form attached to this email (or given to them by their TEAM Teachers) and hand it in, with the money to the Finance Office. This is due on Thursday 14th August (Week 4) by the end of school (3pm). Gluten free bases are available and there will also be cans of soft drink available to purchase on the day for $2.

New Zealand Adventure Tour – 2015

We are asking for expressions of interest for students to attend the New Zealand Adventure Tour during the July holidays in 2015.

This will be the first time that Mount Stromlo High School has run an international tour based on outdoor education and we are looking for students with a good sense of adventure to apply. On top of this, students will need:

  • To be in years 9 or 10 in 2015.
  • Hold a current passport (or are able to attain one prior to the trip).
  • Have a high threshold to cold temperatures 🙂

If you think this would be a great experience for your son or daughter and would like more information, get them to come on down to the PE staff room and pick up an Expression of Interest note.

Bring on 2015!!!

Megan Johnson (PE) and James Farrell (PE)

A message from the School Board

Every government school in the ACT – including Mount Stromlo High School – has a school board. Boards are a way for school communities – including parents and carers, students, school staff, as well as the Government – to exercise decision-making responsibility in determining their own educational priorities.

While the Principal is responsible for all school operational matters, the Board is responsible for its strategic governance, including:
· setting and monitoring the school’s strategic direction
· reporting on the performance and achievements of the school to the school community and the Government, and
· overseeing the school’s financial performance, managing financial risk, and ensuring that the school’s assets are being used efficiently and effectively.

Your School Board is comprised of:
· Chair, Appointed Member: Alan Wu
· Principal: Dr Michael Kindler
· Parents and Citizens Members: Craig Lilley, Adam Miller, Christine Sproule
· Student Members: Madelyn Ferguson, Laura van der Muller
· Staff Members: Kendal Achurch-Ihle, Rebecca Turner

This year, in addition to monitoring and reporting on the general performance of our school, the Board has, or will, consider a variety of school environmental issues. These include our school’s approach to countering bullying and harassment, providing pastoral care, and its selection and teaching of language subjects. Significantly, we’ve been involved in our school’s external panel validation; the process by which the school is assessed by an external panel of educators. After the results of the validation are made available, we’ll also help develop our school’s next strategic plan.

Studies tell us that students whose families are engaged in their education are more likely to enjoy school, and to achieve academically. I invite and encourage you all to remain ever-engaged in your child’s education at Mount Stromlo High School. To that end, the Board always welcomes your feedback or comments about our school, its performance, and any issues that you think the Board should consider. The easiest way to get in touch is to email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Alan Wu
Chair, Mount Stromlo High School Board

Australian Mathematics Competition 7th August 2014

Today, the Australian Mathematics Competition was held in the library for all interested students.

A total of 138 students entered the competition.  The competition consisted of 25 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

The breakdown of the student numbers were:

Year 7      40 students

Year 8      39 students

Year 9      27 students

Year 10     32 students

Congratulations to all those that participated and we look forward to seeing the results later this term.  The cost of entering the competition is $6.00.  Today, we allowed a number of students to participate with the assumption that they would pay the entry fee soon.

Soon, there is a Maths Challenge powered by Mathletics.  It runs from the 25th of August to the 31st of August.  Here is the link for more details.

ACTION Bus Services to Mount Stromlo

On Monday 1 September the new ACTION bus network, including new school services will commence.

There have been significant changes to the morning services 404, 412, 433, 501 or 503 and the afternoon services 401, 479, 505, 506, 507 and 511. ACTION advises parents and students to review the detailed information about school bus services and regular routes which service schools on the ACTION website ( or the dedicated schools information hotline on 6205 5033.


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