Item from ACT Council of P&C Associations

$190 million extra for our schools?
Last year the ACT and Australian Governments signed a $190 million joint agreement for six years of extra funding for ACT schools following the recommendations of the Gonski review.
This extra funding is now making a difference in our schools. It means more teachers and more resources.
However, the Federal Government has now announced that it will not fund the final two years of this agreement, the crucial years where two-thirds of the funds are to be delivered.
Not having this funding will make it harder for ACT schools to implement their plans for improving our schools. Those plans include:
• Reducing class sizes
• Expanding literacy and numeracy programs
• Increasing the individual attention and support for students at risk
• Providing greater assistance to students with disabilities or special needs.
Please help us tell the Australian Government that we want our children to have all the resources they need for a high quality education. Visit to find out more about the issue and to add your voice to the call for needs-based funding across Australia.

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