School Climate Survey for Parents

Australian School Climate Measurement Tool (ASCMT) survey

Mount Stromlo High School is continually interested in gaining information that will assist in school planning and making decisions on an informed basis. To this end, the school in partnership with the Australian National University and the ACT of Education and Training Directorate is surveying staff, students and parents/carers. The aim is to gather information about the school’s social climate, day-to-day experiences, the strengths of the school, and the future challenges. Students will complete the survey at school. Parents have been sent an email explaining how to complete the survey but can also access it using the link below or going to the “Survey Links” tab on the school website.

We hope to be able to discuss the findings of the survey with you at a future time and feel that gathering this information annually is important in ensuring the quality of the relational and wellbeing climate of the school for staff, students and parents/carers.

School Climate Survey Link

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