Nationally Consistent Collection of Data

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data project collects data from schools about the number of students who require adjustments to participate in education. It will present a national picture of the supports schools provide students. From 2015, this information will be collected in every school across Australian, every year. The purpose of the process is to help governments to target support and resources in schools to help all students reach their potential.
During term 2 2014 all ACT Public Schools will be taking part in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). Schools will identify students who need adjustments and are identified as meeting a broad definition of disability. This definition is based on the Disability Standards for Education 2005 which is an inclusive definition of what constitutes a disability and does not require a medical or professional diagnosis. If your child currently requires some additional support at school they may be included in the data collection. Examples of the sorts of adjustments and supports a school may provide include:

• Personalized learning plans
• Study lines
• Additional time to complete tasks

A letter will be sent home to families of students that have been identified as requiring adjustments and supports. This letter will outline the process and ask for your permission to include your child in the data collection. No names or personal information is collected as part of the collection process and students. More information about the NCCD can be found at the Australian Government Department of Education website.

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