Year 7 Jindabyne Camp Day 2

Day 2 started with heavier rain than the pervious day but that did not stop a number of students going for a run around the athletics track at 6:15am. A yummy breakfast was had by all and we were into activities at 9am.
Team initiatives, mountain biking and archery were in full swing. The rain continued but we then had a water and paintball session that included everyone. There was a running and screaming competition that defies explanation. The end result was a great deal of fun, very wet and muddy students and smiles all round.
Showers and dinner were now the main priorities. Having enjoyed beef stew or chicken for dinner we then created the Jindi markets.
Students produced a range of stalls that brought smiles and laughs to everyone’s faces. Some of these included nail painting, arm wrestling, dance offs, ice cream stalls and much much more! The night came to an end and the second day proved to be a blast even with the rain!!!
The Year 10 peer support leaders have been outstanding during the first two days. The photo shows some of the leaders reflecting on Day 2’s activities.


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