Lex@s Astronomy at Mt Stromlo High School

A new and unique opportunity has presented itself at Mount Stromlo High School for students to undertake Lex@s in Science and an interest in Astronomy. We are currently putting together a class of Year 10 students as an ‘extension’ science option around the topic of Cosmology which would normally be undertaken in the Year 10 curriculum in Term 4

While students enrolled in this class will follow the Australian Curriculum for Year 10, they have a further opportunity to participate in online learning via a 10 week course organised by edX (www.edx.org), called Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe, run through the ANU. This is an accredited course designed for students with high school Math and Physics, and there is an estimated 3 hours a week of study required for this online course to be completed. Students, on completion, will receive a Verified Certificate of Achievement. The online course has a nominal fee of $50.00. Interested students are asked to see Mr Giles or Mr Willsmore in Science

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