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Picking up Bookpacks

Dear Stromlonians

Book Packs are ready for collection Thursday 30 January from 3pm to 5pm in the School Hall known as SPACE (Stromlo Performing Arts Centre). Pleas use this opportunity to repare for school on Monday 3 February (for all students new to the school) and 4 February for all returning students.

Bring on 2014!

In welcoming all students and staff to Stromlo, 2014 is shaping up to be another exciting chapter in its history!

New Curricula In 2011, the Australian Curriculum was rolled out in English, Mathematics, Science and History. In 2013 these began to be reported on against Achievement Standards across the nation. In 2014, the Australian Curriculum will be rolled out in The Arts, Health and PE, Technologies and additional Humanities subjects. The five areas of the Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Visual arts and Music), Health and Physical Education, the Technologies (Wood, Metal, Design, Food, Information and Communication Technology), Geography, Languages, Civics and Citizenship Education, and Economics and Business are all about to be adopted by teachers at Stromlo, and while some things will remain similar, new content, new resources and new assessment strategies will intrigue and engage every learner!

New Ways of Learning Digital learning is here to stay and grow! Every teacher at Stromlo has an iPad to help learn, teach and manage their resources and record keeping. More than 100 new computers have been bought in the last year, and this dramatically improves the quality of our computer capacity to teach and learn. For 2014, the School intends to increase the number of wifi access points, improve its network and provide classrooms with Apple TVs so that wireless streaming of digital teaching and learning can take in every data projection equipped classroom. Our mobile phone policy allows every student to bring and use their mobile phone, provided they use it for learning, not social networking.  In 2014 every Year 7 student will have their own digital learning device (BYOD).  Learning today is borderless, not narrowed into a school timetable, but is open to every curious mind to maximize the way they learn, learn to think, find and provide answers. Learning is limitless!

New Staff In addition to our Deputy Principal, Ms Marshall, who joined us late last year, there is a new Head of Student Services, Ms Rebecca Turner, and a new Head of ICT, Mr Stefan Latham. New teachers include Ms Sylvia Carroll in Humanities, Ms Clare Incher in Art, Ms Pinky Munshy in Science, and in English Ms Emma Lang.

New Facilities: There are four exciting innovations at Stromlo this year:-

A new canteen: you will notice big improvements in the canteen starting today: new equipment, new layout, new menu, and the ability to order online! Chairs and tables will be provided for your use in the canteen in place of the past queuing bars: remember, use the new facilities and respect them, keep them clean, and they are yours. Misuse them, leave rubbish, and we will take away the seating and tables.

Girls’ toilet block: work to bring this up to the new standard is already under way, and should be finished by the end of first term. Meanwhile, girls can use any toilet with a female sign on its door. That includes in the main building near the library and on the way into Space. There are a couple of female staff toilets which require a key, and these remain for the use of female teachers.

Laboratory 4 in Science This was not used by any of you in the last three years. Well guess what it will be restored into a state of the art science lab by the end of this term.

Finally, the Minister of Education approved electronic signage to be built in the front of the school. This will include a Monitor with changing text to keep you up to date of coming events. Remember to keep reading the school webpage, and if you have a mobile, please subscribe to its blog. Your teacher will show you how to activate push technology. Now, with the electronic signage comes a name change. As of today, Stromlo is known as Mount Stromlo High School. You may ask why? There are three reasons:

  1. A growing partnership in science with Mount StromloAs you know there is no suburb known as Stromlo, but there is Mount Stromlo nearby. The ANU has a Research Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics on Mount Stromlo. This is a world class science and research facility. Some of you may recall that two years ago Professor Brian Schmidt received the Nobel Prize for physics for recognizing that the universe is expanding exponentially. Well, alongside Prof Schmidt there are some 70 scientists employed on Mount Stromlo, some as technicians bouncing signals off satellites so your  GPS works, some as researchers, some as optical engineers, others as scientists of several kinds. Some of your parents or relatives are working on Mount Stromlo, your teachers and school leaders will work with ANU scientists so that you can see and learn what is happening on this amazing Mountain and how our understanding of the galaxy we live in is growing.
  2. The second reason is that your Australian Science curriculum will be complemented by closer association with Mount Stromlo science. We are renaming Stromlo Mount Stromlo High is so that we can better participate in learning about the ultimate frontier: space. The beauty of astronomy is that it includes all the natural sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, even history and geology. Science is the silver bullet to solve many problems we have today and tomorrow: climate change, sustainability, environment, alternate sources of energy, pandemics like Avian bird flu, these challenges all require scientists. By being a student at Mount Stromlo High, many of you will acquire the light of scientific inquiry, lit by closer contact with the natural sciences , Mount Stromlo and Questacon.

3. The third reason is Stromlo Forest Park. Last year for the first time we held our cross country in the Forest  Park. Apart from that the Park is an excellent venue for Mountain biking, even horse riding. What better association than for Stromlo students to be among the most frequent users of Stromlo Forest park for physical exercise, and Mount Stromlo to exercise your imagination in science. A healthy mind in a healthy body: being a student at Mount Stromlo High now puts you in the driver’s seat to access amazing resources virtually at your door.

So bring on 2014!

Yr 10 Shirts

The first order of year 10 shirts can be collected from Thursday, 30 January, at the the front office.

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