Indonesia Day at ANU

Bu Ce and 18 Stromlo High students of Indonesian visited
the ANU on the 24th of October for a day of dance, food, art, language and culture.The day opened with some talks from some experts from the university and other professionals working with Indonesia and Indonesian. Stromlo students did their school proud, listening respectfully to the talks. After watching a traditional “warrior dance” from Indonesia, students split up into workshop groups. Bu Ce followed the “Stromlo Boyz” to a market run by ANU staff and students, where they took part in a challenge to tawar-menawar (bargain) the cheapest prices for fruit, lollies and Indonesian kue (cake). Thanks to their superior skills in Bahasa Indonesia, the young gentlemen came second in the challenge, saving 14,000 Rupiah ($1.40) on their
purchases. There were also performances and workshops for ukulele and many kinds of Indonesian dancing. After a traditional Indonesian lunch, the verdict was in: 9 out of 10 Stromlo students would come to Indonesia day again!

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