Bring Your Own Digital Device (BYOD) in 2014: Notice of meeting for all Year 7 next year

Thank you for choosing Stromlo High School to further your child’s education. Stromlo provides a quality education for every student, and our reputation as a successful provider already extends well beyond our enrolment area because of what students at Stromlo achieve. In 2014 Stromlo will adopt additional learning areas of the Australian Curriculum as they become available online.

Stromlo High School is a technology rich wifi ready school that aims to integrate digital learning within our existing and emerging curriculum. Ongoing investment in school infrastructure and equipment ensures that all of our classrooms are equipped with interactive teaching and learning tools such as IWBs, projectors and color television monitors.

In recent years, the Digital Education Revolution equipped schools with computers, and in 2013 Stromlo High received National Secondary Schools Computer Funds to replace aging units with 48 MacBook Pros. Every Stromlo teacher has an iPad, and our mobile phone policy allows students to bring smart phones to school, and use them for educational purposes. For details please see the school website.

Despite falling prices, we cannot provide every student with a digital device of their own. Some students already bring phones, tablets or note/lap top computers to school, and use of USB sticks is also encouraged, as is e-mail. The cloud further facilitates transmission, storage and retrieval of school work.

So that incoming students can maximize their digital learning opportunities, the Board of Stromlo High School has approved a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for Year 7 in 2014, which will see students come to school with their own technology. This may be a new concept for parents and students and we want to ensure that you are provided with as much information as possible to prepare you for your child’s start at Stromlo High School in 2014. To assist with this, we will be holding a 2014 Year 7 Student Information Night for parents, carers and students to discuss the BYOD program on Tuesday, 5 November (Week 4, Term 4) starting at 6.00pm in the School library. During the evening, we will provide families with information about the program, including:-

• Rationale
• Expectations
• Logistical considerations of a BYOD school;
• Device choice
• Preparation of teachers for the program;
• Q&A

We look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday 5 November.

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