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Welcome to Term 3!

Winter has seen several students and teachers fall victim to colds and flus, and this is a good time for warm soups and stews to keep our health up. We are pleased to announce several new staff members: Ms Lynden Lawton is our new teacher of Italian, and Ms Kathleen Morfiadakis is teaching History and Geography. Ms Bongiwe Tabi has replaced Ms Richardson in Science. On Thursday 25 July at 6pm the school is hosting an information session in the library concerning the new reporting format, one which complies with the Australian Curriculum and Achievement Standards. Any student, parent or carer is welcome to attend and we will endeavour to answer any questions concerning first semester reports. A reminder that Board and P&C meetings are on Monday12 August, from 5.30 for the Board and from 7pm for the P&C.

Silence is Deadly: Thursday 4th July

Martin and Connor from Menslink brought along Canberra Raiders players Josh Papalii and Hayden Hodge to present the ‘Silence is Deadly’ campaign to our year 9 and 10 male students. The aim of their presentation was to deliver the key message that we all have problems at some stage in our lives, but talking and getting help gets you through them faster.

The boys were told to ‘Man up’ by doing the following:

1. Find someone you trust: For example a Teacher, friend, counsellor, youth worker, parent, family member.
2. Open up and talk to them: Explain what’s going on, they might not have the answers but they might help point you in the right direction.
3. Start feeling better: Speaking to someone is better than suffering in silence.

Our year 9 and 10 boys engaged positively by asking tons of questions relating to depression, anxiety and helping a mate in need. Two of the best questions were awarded with a Raiders football. Well done boys!


Important Change of School Bank provider

This notifies all students, parents, carers and teachers that as from 31 July all ACT Public schools will change banking providers from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to Westpac Corporation. The new online payment details are as follows: BSB 032-777 and the Account number is 001797. Any questions please contact the School on 6205 6166.

Semester Reports and Presentation Assemblies

Friday 5 July presentation assemblies will accompany the issuing of first Semester Reports. These will be held as follows:
9am in the Library for Year 6, 10am in SPACE for Year 7
11:30am in SPACE for Year 8, 12.:30pm in SPACE for Year 9
2pm in SPACE for Year 10
Last friday June 28 all team teachers explained the new reporting format to their classes. Earlier, all parents have been e-mailed the pamphlet explaining the Achievements Standards and the P identifier. A parent and carer information evening to explain the new report format will also be held Thursday 25 July in the Library from 6-7pm.Parentsand carers are invited to discuss any report aspect with their student, teachers and the school to ensure that maximum understanding accompanies the identified strategies to achieve improved learning outcomes. Dr Michael Kindler, Principal, 1 July 2013

Year 6: 2014

At this stage it is unlikley that a Year Six class will be formed at Stromlo next year. The reason is that the demographic need for two Year Six classes has gradually decreased since they were created in 2007. Indeed, this year only 1 class was needed. As a result, the school advises parents to continue the enrolment of their student in Year 5 in their current school for 2014. Any questions or concerns, please contact the school where your student is currently enrolled. Dr Michael Kindler, Principal 1 July 2013

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