Sydney Symphony Orchestra

On Thursday the 23rd of May, a group of students were invited to see Sydney Symphony Orchestra perform at the University of Canberra. It was an impressive, educative and moving show, allowing students to interact with the group and discuss ideas and thoughts about the different types of instruments, how they work together and the history behind the composition.

We arrived at the School of Music, and waited patiently along with other schools until we were welcomed into the theatre – the performance pretty much began straight away. The orchestra blew the audience away by playing classic compositions by Beethoven and Stravinsky and between songs, took time to individually pick out the different roles of the different instruments, giving us a better understanding of how composers use musical elements such as tone colour, dynamics and tempo to provide emotion and story to their symphonies.

Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to learn about music and to witness pure talent.

“It was awesome” – Andrew

“Something that everyone should experience” – Madzi

 “It was great that they interacted with the audience” –Carlina

Written by Olivia Torresan

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