New York Arts Tour 2013 Update

The tour planning is going really well. We’ve made a healthy buffer of money from the fundraising which is very pleasing, and we will be increasing these funds in a soon to be announced Cadbury’s Chocolate drive. We would like to reach our target of $6000 to spend on your children once in New York, so every bit of fundraising helps.

There are two events to add to the calendar for this term. The first is a team building event to be held at the National Gallery of Australia. A guided tour is arranged for students on:

Sunday 9 June at 2pm.  – (All students are expected to attend this event.)

All NYT participants are encouraged to attend, as we will be reliably informed by a Learned Guide of the various elements to look for in 3 select pieces of art. Not only will this event provide an insight into ‘ways of seeing’ and allow us to practice some ‘gallery etiquette’ for NYT participants, but it will also be an opportunity to regroup, socialise and discuss the much theorised question, ‘what is Art?’

Our second event for the calendar for this term will be a NYT dinner, to be held in week 8. More information will be advertised in our next newsletter. So watch this space.

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