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Swimming Carnival 2013

On Friday the 15th of February Stromlo High School students participated in their annual swimming carnival. This year the carnival was held at the Phillip Ice Skating and Aquatics centre. The weather was pleasant and sunny. Students were in the spirit of enjoyment for all carnival events. The day started with all students being swim tested as per the new Department of Education guidelines for aquatics activities. All student s were very cooperative with the testing process, seeing testing completed by 10.00 am.

While regular swimming events were in progress, Mr Webbie ran novelty events in the small pool such as …… Students and staff were kept in a party mood throughout the day by Mr Bissell’s and Mr Farrell’s music selections and witty commentaries of activities. Participation levels by students in all events were high, with two to three heats in each age group; with subsequent credible times for the Southside Swimming Carnival qualifications.

Recognition for the smooth running of events has to go to Ms Peachey’s marshalling & starting team and Ms Johnson’s timekeeping and judging team, the coordination of these two area’s was paramount to the successful running of events. However it must be noted that the constant acquisitions of food and beverages by Ms Cusick kept all members of staff refresh to better perform their duties.

Students were given free time to swim during lunchtime and at the completion of the relays. It was heartening to see the level of commitment by house captains and vice captains in helping staff and encouraging their respective house members to get involved in carnival events. Particular mention has to go to the Taylor captain’s flash dance moves in the dance or dunk competition.

The house competition was fierce, exhibited in the ecstatic performances of students in the relay events. At times houses stacked every lane in a heat. The winning house group was Coleman followed by Oakey, Reef and lastly but certainly not least Taylor. The house spirit generated by all students and staff was electric and reinforces the value of house competitions for fostering goodwill with new students to Stromlo High and giving more mature student’s significance with leadership and role model responsibilities.

There was some controversy in the teacher relays with the Taylor team lead by Mr Danaher being disqualified for jumping the start and mistimed changeovers. The feedback from students and staff of the swimming carnival indicated that this was a successful whole school event. It cannot be under stated the value of such events for whole school morale.

Here are the age champs:

  • 12 Years Male – Samuel Miller
  • 12 Years Female – Catriona Emanuel
  • 13 Years Female – Vivien Clark and Grace Mcmurtrie
  • 14 Years Male – Riley Budd
  • 14 Years Female – Stephanie Charlton
  • 15 Years Male – Liam Sproule
  • 15 Years Female – Emma Miller
  • 16 Years Female – Samantha Young

Come and Try Scouts!

You are invited to Come & Try Scouts for a FREE 3 week trial

Today’s Scouts can take part in an extraordinary variety of outdoor activities, from ‘traditional Scouting skills’ such as camping and bush craft, through to more extreme challenges such as abseiling, overnight hiking, rafting, canoeing, canyoning, snow activities, rock climbing, sailing and now even flying!

What will I get from Scouts? Friendship, confidence, life skills, adventure, challenges, responsible risk taking, leadership, fun and much more…

Call 1800 SCOUTS or visit our website to find your local Scout Group

Homestay Opportunities

From March the 21st to the 26th, 85 students from Nara Ichijo High School band are visiting Canberra perform in a series of concerts as part of the Nara-Canberra Sister City relationship.

Stromlo High School visited Nara Ichijo Senior High School during our tour of Japan in 2012 and we would love to have some students stay with families of students at our school to further develop this relationship. Students have some functional English skills and families will have one day free day with their exchange student, 23rd of March.

If you are interested in this experience please email as soon as possible for further information.

Woden Weston Rams Rugby League Registration Day

Sunday 24th February, 1-4pm at Woden Tradies Club.

Teams in all age groups from Under 6 to Under 16.

New players please bring original (for sighting) and copy of birth certificate.

Further information available at

Valleys Hockey Club Registration Day

Interested in playing hockey?

The Valley’s hockey club has a registration day on Saturday 16th February 10am – 2pm at the following locations:

  • Hockey Centre, Soward Way, Tuggeranong (come and try at Tuggeranong between 11 am and 1 pm)
  • Cooleman Court (outside Aldi), Weston

Teams are fielded in:

  • Minkey (Modified for 4 – 8year olds)
  • Girls & Boys (U11, U13, U15 & U18)

For further information, please contact Annette Wallington on 6288 3214 / 0408 350 511.

Email enquiries:

World Book Online

Stromlo High School has recently subscribed to World Book Online. Many of you will be familiar with World Book Encyclopaedia- this is the online version which caters for all students from early childhood up to tertiary and adult level. It also contains many added features such as multimedia lessons for teachers, interactive activity resources and digital libraries.

Our main reason for subscribing to this database is so that students will have reliable and authoritative online information. Students and teachers will be given tuition on how to use the database throughout the coming term.The best part is that students can access this database at school and at home. At school there will be direct access via the school network and at home they will use the URL, username and password provided by the Teacher/Librarian.

I would be happy to assist with any queries you might have.

Jenny Howard

New York Excursion Update

Students attending the New York Arts Tour in September this year had a very successful BBQ fundraiser at Officeworks in Fyshwick on Saturday 2nd February. Admittedly, we were expecting swarms of people busily toing and froing to purchase stationary for the new year of work and school. However, this was not the case as we were only moderately busy throughout the entire day. But we did manage to sell all bar 15 of the 300 sausages and had only half a loaf of bread left over. Thank you to all families that participated during the lead up and on the day.

Well done to all New York Arts Tour parents and students!

Canberra Chordsmen

Wanted: Men who love to sing!

The Canberra Chordsmen are an enthusiastic bunch of guys of all ages who like to get together and sing four-part a cappella music. We’re holding a New Member’s Night for interested singers to see what we do.

Your first night is free, and there’s no commitment to join; just come along, try us out and have a good time.

Thursday February 21, 7.15pm
Woden Seniors Club (although most of us aren’t seniors!)
Cnr Melrose Dr & Corinna St, Phillip

2013 School Leaders


Counting the Votes from the student ballot

On Thursday 7 February all Stromlo students and teachers elected Andrew McMillan and Kiara Meredith-Brown as School Captains to represent the students to the school and the school to the wider community. The Vice Captains are Liam McMurtrie and Ruby Whalan respectively. We thank all eight candidates for fantastic speeches which succeeded in significantly lifting school spirit, and look forward to working with all student leaders this year.

Italian Tour 2014

Planning the itinerary for our next Italian Tour 2014 has started! Every family is asked to consider this wonderful opportunity for your child, and if you are keen for them to come to Italy for 2-3 weeks next year, why not start planning your finances now. The trip will take place next April, and a maximum of 20 students who are studying Italian will be selected to join the tour. Two to three teachers will accompany the group, and an interesting and educational itinerary is currently being planned to incorporate the northern, southern and central regions of Italy. We hope to tour the islands of Sicily and Sardegna this time, and gain a better appreciation and understanding of southern regions and their cuisine, culture and language. Watch this space and please see below for frequently asked questions, which may answer many of your initial queries.


1. How much will the trip cost?

This will depend upon the number of students attending and the itinerary, as well as the international economy at the time, a guide is last year’s cost of approximately $6000.

2. Where will the children be travelling in Italy?

The itinerary is currently being planned and will be posted ASAP.

3. How will I communicate with my child while they are away?

iPads are taken along and children can Skype home when necessary – this is a free and easy option that we encourage.

4. My child has never been away from home, I am concerned they will be homesick.

Some children will get homesick and that is why Skype is made available, and we encourage families to prepare their child for a trip such as this by teaching them about budgeting the year before they go, encouraging them to be responsible for their own hygiene, eating habits and general maintenance of bedrooms etc at home.

5. How will my child manage their monies while they are away?

All students are encouraged to have either a Visa Debit/Credit Card or a Travelex Card, and you as parents can place credit on the card and monitor the balance from home.  It is advised that a budget be set per day, and you can liaise with your child either by email or Skype regarding how they are managing their monies each day.

Further questions and answers will be posted as the year progresses.

A presto

Jenny Sanderson

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